Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning


Area Rug & Oriental Rug Cleaning requires a multi-step process just like carpets and furniture.  Make sure to NEVER allow your rugs to be cleaned in your home.  Be Amazed Carpet Cleaning & Services will:

  • Pre-Inspect & Quote your rug cleaning price on site
  • Remove the rug from your home & bring to our warehouse
  • Thoroughly dust, clean & dry down the rug according to the fiber content and process necessary for best results
  • Technicians will professionally reinstall rugs into your home or business – not just dropped off on your porch
  • Oversized rugs can be accommodated with large trailer pickup & redelivery services
  • Professional rug cleaning is typically a 2-3 day process at minimum, sometimes requiring additional time if extra cleaning or treatments are needed.

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