Scotchgard® & Pet Treatment Services


  • Scotchgard® fabric and carpet protectant can be applied to area rugs, oriental rugs, commercial and residential carpet and to your upholstery pieces
  • Scotchgard® should be applied once a year at minimum for best results
  • Scotchgard® offers intense protection against every day dirt and grime for furniture and carpet, without altering the look or feel of the material

Pet Treatment Services

Accidents happen & quick action will provide the best results.  Stains, including pet urine, can become permanent quickly, no different than spilling spaghetti sauce on your favorite shirt — if it’s weeks before it’s cleaned…the result may not be 100% removed!

There are techniques a technician specializing in urine odor control may use to address your particular issue:

  • Inspect the room/home and detect urine crystal deposits with ultraviolet light
  • Pre-treatment of affected areas with the appropriate pet urine pre-spray – typically you will want to pre-treat all of the room, not a spot only.  What you see on the surface is 10x’s larger underneath.
  • Flush affected areas to remove bacteria and protein contaminants with hot water extraction & powerful truck mounted equipment
  • Treat lingering stubborn stains by hand as needed
  • Speed drying with pod fans to reduce wicking and supply faster dry times
  • Add hand treatment stain removers as needed in addition to extraction
  • Speed dry carpeting to prevent wicking and help with faster dry time

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