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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

You deserve the most referred home carpet cleaner. So, what makes us the best in Wichita?

Our home carpet cleaning services always begin with a pre-inspection by our technicians, or an on-site custom quote when that is specific to your unique requirements. We think it’s important to inspect every aspect of the job, before we start. It’s that “100% Price Transparency Guarantee” that you can count on. No guesswork here, just upfront honesty so you know you’re getting the best possible home carpet cleaning service.

Here are the steps we take to provide the best possible experience:

  • Full pre-spray with the appropriate alkaline cleaning products for your type and style of carpet (no “old school shampoos” that could leave residue) 
  • Carpet grooming, or pre-agitation, to properly prepare your carpet for extraction
  • Powerful truck-mounted engines & hot steam extraction to thoroughly rinse & PH balance your carpets back to neutral – without leaving any sticky residue behind
  • Additional spot treatments are applied as needed during the cleaning process; we are not just a one-and-done home carpet cleaning service
  • Post cleaning includes grooming carpets with an old-fashioned carpet rake for appearance (this also speeds drying time!)
  • Last but not least, we inspect our work for your complete satisfaction before we leave your new, clean home.

Scotchgard™ Protectants

Scotchgard™ offers intense protection against every-day dirt and grime for furniture and carpet, without altering the look or feel of the material. Scotchgard™ fabric and carpet protectant can be applied to area rugs, oriental rugs, carpet, and to your upholstered furniture.  Don’t accept knock-off products — we provide the industry gold standard of Scotchgard Protectant.

Available as an addition to our regular services, Scotchgard™ goes a long way to protect your carpet from future dirt and wear. We recommend applying once a year at a minimum for the best results.

Pet Treatment Services

Accidents happen, and quick action will provide the best results. Our pets pee an ‘acid-based stain”, so these sains, can eat at the carpet fiber and become permanent quickly; it’s no different than spilling spaghetti sauce on your favorite shirt. And if weeks pass before it’s cleaned…the result may not be 100% removed!

These are techniques that our technicians, who specialize in urine odor control, may use to address your particular issue:

  • Inspect the room or home to detect any urine crystal deposits under ultraviolet light
  • Pre-treat affected areas with the appropriate pet urine pre-spray. Typically we recommend pre-treating all of the room, not just a spot (because what you see on the surface will be many times larger underneath).
  • Flush affected areas with hot water extraction and powerful truck-mounted equipment to remove bacteria and protein contaminants 
  • Treat lingering stubborn stains by hand as needed
  • Utilize speed drying with fans to reduce wicking and provide faster drying times

Ready for a clean carpet?

Call today or send us a message for a free custom quote!

Be Amazed Cancellation Policy

We realize life happens – when a scheduled cleaning service needs to be changed or canceled, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice.

Failure to give this notice will result in a $50.00 charge.

If a scheduled cleaning service is canceled at the time of the appointment it will result in a $125.00 minimum job fee charge.

When your service is rescheduled and completed within 7 days of the original scheduled job, the fee collected will be applied to the invoice.

Thank you for your understanding.

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